[edit] radio podcast 46

Tom Crook returns to [edit] radio, with an podcast that nutritionally speaking, contains 3 out of 5 of your daily portions of awesome!!! Let this tall musical matador fresh from the DJ booth at Readings After Dark Nightclub, into your brain for 40 more minutes of the best in new and alternative music. WINRAR!!!

BAND Song [Album]

  1. BUFFALO TOM  Treehouse  [Big Red Letter Day]
  2. ORANGE JUICE  What Presence? [The Orange Juice]
  3. SOPHIE MADELEINE  Zorbing [Sidetrack Sessions]
  4. THE EPSTEIN  I Held You Once [Held You Once EP]
  5. THE WELCOME WAGON  Sold! To The Nice Rich Man [Welcome To The Welcome Wagon]
  6. PINE VALLEY COSMONAUTS  God’s Eternal Love [The Executioner’s Last Songs]
  7. ELLIOTT SMITH  Independence Day [XO]
  8. THE BROKEN FAMILY BAND  Give and Take [Hello Love]
  9. MOUNTAIN MAN  Animal Tracks [Download]
  10. WILCO  You and I [Wilco The Album]
  11. GO_KART MOZART  Here Is A Song [Instant Wigwam and Igloo Mixture]