[edit] radio podcast 45

Ben Marwood likes things hot, STEAMING HOT! His Women, his cups of tea, his roast dinners and most importantly his monthly [edit] radio podcast. This week see’s him cram 40 more minutes of the best in new and alternative music into a Breville sandwich toaster of happiness to create a musical snack unlike any you’ve had before!!!!

BAND Song [Album]

  1. BENJAMIN FRANCIS LEFTWICH Atlas Hands [a million miles out EP]
  2. CAKE Short Skirt/Long Jacket [comfort eagle]
  3. HOLD YOUR HORSE IS You Show Up [single]
  4. TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB I Can Talk [Tourist History]
  5. TWO MAN GENTLEMEN BAND Me, I Get High On Reefer [Dos Amigos Una Fiesta]
  6. KANYE WEST ft BON IVER Lost In The World [My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy]
  7. SOUNDGARDEN Kickstand [Superunknown]
  8. GO! TEAM t.o.r.n.a.d.o [Rolling Blackouts]
  9. THE WOMBATS Tokyo (Vampires and Wolves) [single]
  10. TOM WILLIAMS AND THE BOAT See My Evil [single]
  11. THE KINKS Nothin’ In The World Can Stop Me Worryin’ ‘Bout That Girl [Kinda Kinks]
  12. LONELY ISLAND ft T-PAIN I’m On A Boat [Incredibad]