[edit] radio podcast 47

The Awesome twosome of Ami-Beth and Pete New are back on [edit] radio. Back to appease the demands of their adoring public who are howling on facebook (this means you Dominic Marks). Back to take you on a podcasting journey of amazing music, weird conversation and even a hello from a shy mother. We hope you enjoy!!!

Band “Song” [Album] 
  1. Jim Sullivan “U.F.O” [U.F.O]
  2. How To Dress Well “Ready For The World” [U.F.O]
  3. The Good Ones “Sara” [Kigali Y’Izahabu]
  4. Laura Marling “The Needle and The Damage Done” [7″]
  5. Zola Jesus “Poor Animal” [7″]
  6. Sufjan Stevens “Too Much” [The Age Of Adz]
  7. Forest Swords “Hjurts” [Rattling Cage]
  8. Beach House “Wedding Bells” [Devotion]
  9. Teebs “Why Like This?” [Ardour]
  10. LCD Soundsystem “Daft Punk Is Playing At My House” [LCD Soundsystem]