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Used: The Postal Service ‘Turn Around’

“Big Dreams / False Starts” Released as part of the 10 year anniversary re-issue of the band’s seminal (and only) album Give Up, the Postal Service’s Turn Around was pretty much my personal favourite song of 2013. Recorded at the same time as the original work back in 2003, the track has the same interplay of…

New: Skrillex ‘Recess feat. Kill the Noise, Fatman Scoop & Michael Angelakos’

“Fight till you can’t fight” Formulaic yet jarring, predictable yet adrenaline filled, Skrillex’s music presents something of a Catch-22 situation for music critics, one where ample ammunition is provided to both the “he’s shit” and “he’s amazing” lines of thought. However, no matter which side of the ‘Skrillex Paradox’ you fall I’d urge you strongly to put aside any prejudices…

We’re on each others team – What would the FIFA World Cup would look like if the teams were replaced with Beyonce, Kanye West, Miley Cyrus, One Direction and other popstars.

As the popularity of Buzz Feed has proven, obtuse discussions about popular culture are one of the world’s favourite pastimes. Whether it’s a list of the 10 classic episodes of Seinfeld that would no longer work in the mobile phone era, or a collection of GIFs from Game of Thrones, virtual audiences can’t get enough….

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Love Is Watching Someone Die

What Sarah Said – Death Cab For Cutie The origins of this blog were forged over a decade ago. I was a 20 year old boy who had never been laid and was still coming to terms with the death of my sister. I weighed 22 stone, spent my nights drinking in the pub and…