Podcast 718 | Daudi Matsiko, Podge Lane & Everything Else

On this week’s podcast, we join Tom Crook, Paul Whitty and Ben Smith for over an hour and a half of friendly chatter as they share their favourite new music tracks from the past few months.

Artist – Track [Album]

  1. Starter Car – Dumb Luck [Single]
  2. Podge Lane – Battle Wounds [Common Country Misconceptions]
  3. The Smile – Bending Hectic [Wall Of Eyes]
  4. Man & The Echo – I Don’t Give A Fuck What You Reckon [Vile As You Want]
  5. Adrianne Lenker – Relief [I Won’t Let Go Of Your Hand]
  6. Everything Else – Uncertain [Single]
  7. Paul Whitty – Suburbia [The Edit Radio Pet Shop Boys Cover Version Challenge]
  8. Daudi Matsiko – Fool Me As Many Times As You Like [The King Of Misery]
  9. Four Tet – 31 Bloom [Three]
  10. World Party – Put The Message In The Box [Goodbye Jumbo]

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