Podcast 715 | Featuring J.Robbins, Helmet & Bug Day

On this week’s podcast, we welcome back Barry Dolan (Aka Oxygen Thief) to a regular slot here at [edit] radio as our in-house connoisseur of the best in new metal and heavier rock music.

Artist “Track” [Album]

  1. J.Robbins “Gasoline Rainbows” [Basilisk]
  2. Down Love “You Thief” [Trust]
  3. Bug Day “Oh, Dry Up” [UFOs On The Lake EP]
  4. Hammer No More The Fingers “Ona” [Silver Zebra]
  5. Rocket “Portrait Show” [Versions Of You EP]
  6. Classic Traffic “Morbid Orbit” [You Want It? We Got It!] 
  7. Lowe – Sunny Side Up [Downright]
  8. Me Rex “Jawbone” [Giant Elk]
  9. Cheekface “Trophy Hunting At The Zoo” [It’s Sorted]
  10. Helmet “Bombastic” [Left]
  11. Botch “One Twenty Two” [Single]
  12. Silverburn “Formless Atomization of Omniscient Particulate” [Self Induced Transcendental Annihilation]
  13. Me oh myriorama “Dissociation” [Iris]

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