Podcast 657 | Featuring Sorry, Cheekface and Jesca Hoop

On this week’s podcast, Ben Marwood is back inside his home studio as he updates us about what he’s been up to, his upcoming gigs and more as he shares favourite tracks both new and used.

Artist “Track” [Album]

  1. cheekface “we need a bigger dumpster” [too much to ask]
  2. mister goblin “safe words” [bunny]
  3. lizzo “2 be loved (am i ready)” [special]
  4. wet leg “daisy”
  5. jesca hoop “sioux falls” [order of romance]
  6. tom cardy “carol brown” [artificial intelligence]
  7. craig david “what’s your flava” [slicker than your average]
  8. sylvan esso “echo chamber” [no rules sandy]
  9. sorry “hem of the fray” [anywhere but here]
  10. doe “sincere” [some things last longer than you]
  11. slipknot “the chapeltown rag” [the end, so far]

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