Bad Boy Chiller Crew – 450 (feat. S Dog)

“Bitch I’m a Charva, Grey Goose Parka”

450 by Bad Boy Chiller Crew is a solid gold banger. Released by a bunch of #Lads from Bradford at the tail end of 2019 and played on podcast 515, the exuberant track parties between Dance and Grime like The Streets with Original Pirate Material, but with fewer fucks given. 

Bounced along by beats and electronic organs which are heavily indebted to late-90s  floor-fillers like Nightcrawlers Push The Feeling and Livin’ Joy’s Dreamer, 450 fits as snugly on as Spotify’s new music playlist as it does on your mum’s Kisstory CD by distilling three decades of the UK’s small-town drink and drug culture.

Where calling your mates a ‘div’, ‘mush’ or ‘charva’ is deemed acceptable and just part of an evening’s entertainment that includes splashing on the CK One, a burn in the car and loading up on cheap vodka at ‘Spoon’s before ending at a nightclub called something shit, like Utopia or Liquid. 

It’s a right of passage set to song, somehow nostalgic-yet-new and the start of BBCC’s inevitable journey into the mainstream.