[edit] radio podcast 257

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This week on [edit] radio Adam Stroyan – our resident expert from Huddersfield Record store Vinyl Tap – returns to the podcast with another amzing adventure through the best releases and most collectable records from teh past month. As always, it’s ace!

Artist “Song” [Album]

  1. John Carpenter “Vortex” [Lost Themese] Available to pre order here http://bit.ly/1uPsI6W
  2. Kasabian “Processed Beats” [Kasabian] Reissues of the first 4 albums on 10″ vinyl available to order here http://bit.ly/1xmsRw7
  3. Big Star “13” [#1 Record]. Big star stuff at Vinyl Tap here http://bit.ly/1xmt56g
  4. Districts “4th and Roebling” [A Flouris And A Spoil] Available to pre order here http://bit.ly/11dDCrC
  5. Sundays “Wild Horses” [Blind] Sundays section of Vinyl Tap here http://bit.ly/1vcV1N5
  6. Nick Cave “Higgs Boson Blues” [Push The Sky Away]. Available to pre order http://bit.ly/1vcW2Ve
  7. Run The Jewels “Oh My Darling Don’t Cry” [Run The Jewels 2]
  8. Mac DeMarco “Let Her Go” [Salad Days]
  9. T2 “In Circles” [It’ll All Work Out In Bloomland] Available here http://bit.ly/1vcXpmI
  10. CryBabyCry “Go Go” [EP – Go Go] Playing In Store on Friday November 28th at 18:00. Link to the Vinyl Tap Live Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/VinylTapLive for more info.

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