[edit] radio podcast 133

After what seems like an eternity, Barry Dolan (now a married man) returns to [edit] radio bringing with him another slice of the best metal you’ll likely to find anywhere on the internet. Welcome back Barry!

Band “Song” [Album]

  1. I Hate Our Freedom “Sans Sympathie” [This Year’s Best Disaster]
  2. Blacklisters “Trick Fuck” [BLKLSTRS]
  3. Cars On Fire “Anchor Your Heart To The Sea” [Black Hearts & Bloody Hands]
  4. Fighting With Wire “Colonel Blood” [Colonel Blood]
  5. Fresh Eyes For The Dead Guy “Blue Harbour” [forthcoming EP]
  6. More Than Conquerers “Bear Knuckle Fight” [Boots & Bones]
  7. Future of the Left “Robocop 4 – Fuck Off Robocop” The Plot Against Common Sense]
  8. Flights “Home Alone 5” [Eleven single]
  9. Earthtone9 “Horizon’s End” [free download]
  10. Justice For Dragons “Only The Strongest Penguins…” [ep]
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