[edit] radio podcast 50

From atop his perch with the DJ booth at the After Dark sits Tom Crook. His music ear misses not one beat as he scours this fair isle to bring you another [edit] radio podcast. It’s 40 more minutes of the very best in new and alternative music with an [edit] radio live session from Pail Whitty.
BAND Song [Album]
  1. HOT SILK POCKETS There’s A Man With A Beard In My Bedroom [Demo]
  2. BOB DYLAN Must Be Santa [Christmas In The Heart]
  3. MEW Tsin Tsi [Frengers]
  4. ARCADE FIRE The Suburbs [The Suburbs]
  5. PAUL WHITTY Song For The Siren [Edit Session]
  6. PAUL WHITTY Last Night I Dreamt Somebody Loved Me [Edit Session]
  7. PRINCE BUSTER Black Head [The Original Golden Oldies Vol.1]
  8. BETA BAND Dry The Rain [The Three EPs]
  9. COSMO JARVIS Gay Pirates [Promo Single]
  10. ELLIOTT SMITH Say Yes [Either/Or]
  11. KING MISSILE Jesus Was Way Cool [Mystical Shit]