[edit] radio podcast 39

Barry Dolan AKA Oxygen Thief is back on [edit] radio, but this time he has a partner in his podcasting antics. His very own queen of hangover curing pancakes Kat Whelton joins him in bringing you another 40 minute podcast filled with all kinds of ear morsels. We hope you enjoy!!!
Band “Song” [Album]
  1. Melissa Auf Der Maur “Meet Me On The Dark Side” [Out Of Our Minds]
  2. My Vitriol “War Of The Worlds” [A Pyrrhic Victory EP]
  3. Love Amongst Ruin “So Sad (Fade)” [Single]
  4. AC Acoustics “Crush” [Understanding Music]
  5. David Bowie “Little Wonder” [Earthling]
  6. Marina & The Diamonds “Shampain” [The Family Jewels]
  7. Kenickie “In Your Car” [In The Club]
  8. Garrison “Focus, Focus, Focus” [Be A Criminal]
  9. Placebo “Kitty Litter” [Battle For The Sun]
  10. Rachel Stamp “Black Cherry” [Oceans Of Venus]
  11. Alestorm “Keelhauled” [Black Sails At Midnight]