[edit] radio podcast 29

[edit] radio’s Tom Crook returns with the vengeance of a horror movie killer with 40 minutes worth of amazing new music to strike fear into the hearts of all that dare oppose him. Including a two song session by the amazing Ben Marwood this is a podcast not to be missed.

Band “Song” [Album]

  1. Aphex Twin “Windowlicker” [12″]
  2. Arcade Fire “We Used To Wait” [Promo]
  3. Felt “Sunlight Bathed The Golden Glow” [Strange Idols Pattern & Other Short Stories]
  4. Trevor Moss & Hannah Lou “England” [Trevor Moss & Hannah Lou]
  5. Ben Marwood “Five Little Secrets” [Edit Session]
  6. Ben Marwood “Tell Avril Lavigne I Didn’t Want To Be Her Stupid Boyfriend Anyway” [Edit Session]
  7. Badly Drawn Boy “Something To Talk About” [About A Boy Soundtrack]
  8. Wilco “Ashes Of American Flags” [Ashes Of American Flags DVD]
  9. Elliott Smith “I Better Be Quiet Now” [Figure 8]