[edit] radio podcast 8

Oxygen Thief AKA Barry Dolan invades [edit] radio with a raw animal force, to create a Jim Bean fueled 40 minutes of podcasting gold.

Band “Song” [Album]

  1. Left Side Brain “Ad Hominem” [Collider]
  2. Kerbdog “Severed” [On The Turn]
  3. Cars On Fire “Sharks” [Dig Your Own Grave]
  4. The Subways “Girls and Boys” [All or Nothing]
  5. Serafin “No Happy” [No Push Collide]
  6. Labo “sys.err.14” [unknown]
  7. Carrie “Molly” [Fear of Sound]
  8. Help She Can’t Swim “Fermez La Bouche” [Fashionista Super Dance Troupe]
  9. The Jelas “Lead Vest” [Mistakes Drives The Blunderbuss]
  10. Johnny Foreigner “Champagne Girls I Have Known” [Arcs Across The City]
  11. Llama Farmers “Snow White” [El Toppo]
  12. Bush “X-Girlfriend” [Sixteen Stone] x 3 (listen and it’ll make sense)