[edit] radio podcast 3

The After Darks Tom Crook is back on [edit] radio in this weeks podcast, including a live(ish) session from the excellent Co Pilgrim.

Band “Song” [Album]

  1. Karen O & The Kids “All Is Love” [Where The Wild Things Are Soundtrack]
  2. Mew “Introducing Palace Players” [No More Stories…..]
  3. The Welcome Wagon “Half A Person” [Welcome To The Welcome Wagon]
  4. Co Pilgrim “Now You’re Here” [in session for EditRadio]
  5. Co Pilgrim “New Song” [in session for EditRadio]
  6. Andrea Parker “Freaky Bitches”12inch
  7. [Rout] “Farewell To This Land’s Cheerless Marshes” [live recording]
  8. The CBs “Misdemeanor” Single
  9. Twin Atlantic “What Is Light (Skrillex remix)” [Single]
  10. OK Go “This Too Shall Pass (Passion Pit remix)” [Single]
  11. Elliott Smith “Miss Misery” [New Moon]
  12. The Decemberists “Hazards Of Love Part 1” [The Hazards Of Love