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[edit] radio podcast 273: Featuring Hot Chip, Emmy the Great and Houndmouth

Recorded in Paul’s brand new kitchen – seriously he has as many as Ed Miliband – along with  cohorts Tom and Ben, on this week’s [edit] radio podcast the intrepid trio talking forgotten Irish drinks, demon knitters, holographic podcasters and playing some lovely new music. Artist “Song” [Album] Houndmouth “Sedona” [Little Neon Limelight] Hot Chip “Huarache…

We’re on each others team – What would the FIFA World Cup would look like if the teams were replaced with Beyonce, Kanye West, Miley Cyrus, One Direction and other popstars.

As the popularity of Buzz Feed has proven, obtuse discussions about popular culture are one of the world’s favourite pastimes. Whether it’s a list of the 10 classic episodes of Seinfeld that would no longer work in the mobile phone era, or a collection of GIFs from Game of Thrones, virtual audiences can’t get enough….

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