Podcast 573 | Featuring Hannah Jadagu, Shygirl and Wolf Alice

On this week’s podcast our founder, Kev Lawson shares another hand-curated playlist of all-killer, no-filler new music. Artist “Track” [Album] Wolf Alice “The Last Man on Earth” [Blue Weekend] Julien Baker “Repeat” [Little Oblivions] IAN SWEET “Sing Till I Cry” [Show Me How You Disappear] shame “Born in Luton” [Drunk Tank Pink] Cherry Glazerr “Big…

The Evolution of Fanzines

A look at the history of fanzines reveals more about their writers than the music The first time I encountered a real fanzine was at a festival. I hadn’t slept for 24 hours, was covered head to toe in what I hoped was mud and feeling the satisfying effects of a large amount of gin….