Podcast 720 | Featuring Beyoncé, Niko B & Mei Semones

In the second episode of their joint podcast, Jenessa Williams and Kev Lawson discuss the pros and cons of the South London Indie Scene, enjoy some cosmopolitan lo-fi Japanese-inspired jazz and test drive Camila Cabello’s new Hyperpop direction.

Artist “Track” [Album]

  1. Beyoncé “YA YA” [Cowboy Carter]
  2. Blue Bendy “The Day I Said You’d Died (He Lives)” [Single]
  3. gglum “Second Best” [The Garden Dream]
  4. DellaXOZ “it’s all good, kid” [DELLAIRIUM – EP]
  5. They Are Gutting a Body of Water “Krillin” [Single]
  6. Niko B “trespass coat (feat. dexter in the newsagent)” [dog eat dog food world]
  7. Camila Cabello & Playboi Carti “I LUV IT” [Single]
  8. Phoebe Green “I Could Love You” [Single]
  9. Mei Semones “Tegami” [Kabutomushi – EP]
  10. Ariana Grande “don’t wanna break up again” [eternal sunshine (slightly deluxe)]
  11. TAEYONG “TAP” [TAP – The 2nd Mini Album – EP]
  12. Bat for Lashes “Letter To My Daughter” [The Dream of Delphi]
  13. Chanel Beads “Embarrassed Dog” [Your Day Will Come]
  14. JW Francis “Orbit” [Single]

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