Podcast 719 | featuring Stomach Book, Broken Dreams Club & Stay Inside

On this week’s podcast, a delicate Barry Dolan shakes off a post-party hangover to deliver you his favourite new rock, punk and metal tracks from the past few weeks.

Artist “Track” [Album]

  1. Stomach Book “Heartbeat” [Sophomore Slump Callithump]
  2. Necry Talkie “Bloom” [Torch]
  3. Rickshaw Billie’s Burger Patrol “Bodybag” [Big Dumb Riffs]
  4. Korn “Lost In The Grandeur” [Requiem]
  5. Feeder “Playing With Fire” [Black and Red]
  6. Do Not Machine “Glass Kingdom” [Celebrations of the End]
  7. Sons of Alpha Centauri “Pull” [Pull]
  8. Broken Dreams Club “Douchebag” [Why Would Anything Good Happen]
  9. Mister Goblin “The Notary” [Frog Poems]
  10. Careering “Gym Members Only” [Shelved]
  11. Curling “Hi-Elixir” [No Guitar]
  12. Foxtails “Dissection” [Home]
  13. Stay Inside “Sweet Stripe!” [Ferried Away]
  14. Frank Klepacki “Target / Mechanical Man” [Command & Conquer (Original Soundtrack Remastered)]

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