Podcast 706 | Featuring Hey Steve, IDLES and mclusky

On this week’s podcast, Ben Marwood recruits an inept robot co-host, awards 1000 French points, makes a new friend in a pharmacy, plays a song for all the Steves out there and then Olivia Rodrigo’s brain goes BLAAAAAH.

  1. Aesop Rock “Mindful Solutionism” [Integrated Tech Solutions]
  2. IDLES “Dancer (ft. LCD Soundsystem)” [Tangk]
  3. Wet “Larabar” [Letter Blue]
  4. Hey Steve “I Am Steve” [Steve By Steve EP]
  5. mclusky “the digger you deep” [unpopular parts of a pig / the digger you deep]
  6. Johnny Flynn and Robert Macfarlane “The Sun Also Rises” [The Moon Also Rises]
  7. Olivia Rodrigo “bad idea right?” [GUTS]
  8. English Teacher “Nearly Daffodils” [-]
  9. Pip Blom “Is This Love? (ft. Alex Kapranos)” [Bobbie]
  10. The Mountain Goats “Ground Level” [Jenny From Thebes]
  11. Jay-Z “99 Problems” [The Black Album]
  12. Will Johnson “Sinker, Sinking” [No Ordinary Crown]

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