Podcast 703 | Wojtek The Bear, The Weather Prophets & Beck

Tom Crook, Paul Whitty and Ben Smith return to host their penultimate podcast of 2023 and bring with them fresh opinions, new music and a hefty dose of friendly laughter.

Artist – Track [Album]

  1. Wojtek The Bear – Second Place On Purpose [Single]
  2. The Bureaucrats – Feel The Pain [Let Her Dance! Dance! Dance!]
  3. Kurt Vile – Another Good Year For The Roses [Back To Moon Beach]
  4. The Weather Prophets – I Almost Prayed [Janice Long Session 10/10/85]
  5. Bjork – Declare Independence [Volta]
  6. Lankum – Newcastle [False Lankum]
  7. Tom Crook – That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore [The Edit Radio The Smiths Cover Version Challenge]
  8. Beck – Soul Suckin’ Jerk [Mellow Gold]
  9. Frog – Black On Black On Black [GROG]
  10. Natalie Merchant – Sister Tilly [Keep Your Courage]

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