Podcast 693 | Featuring NoName, Victoria Monet and Victoria Canal

In the August edition of her podcast, Jenessa Williams chats about call-out rappers, R&B revivalists and breakout emo artists.

Artist “Track” [Album]

  1. Supershy “Keep It Rising” [Happy Music]
  2. NoName “Namesake” [Sundial]
  3. Victoria Monet “On My Mama” [Single]
  4. Olivia Rodrigo “Bad Idea, Right?’ [GUTS]
  5. KennyHoopla “Keep A Window Open//” [Single]
  6. Aespa “Better Things” [Single]
  7. Bleach Lab “Indigo” [Lost In A Rush Of Emptiness]
  8. Victoria Canal “Black Swan” [Well Well]
  9. Sufjan Stevens “So You Are Tired” [Javelin]
  10. SUDS “Paint My Body” [The Great Overgrowth]

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