Podcast 691 | The Northern Boys, Grian Chatten and The Weakerthans

On this week’s podcast, Ben Marwood delivers a bumper edition of handpicked new music that includes Northern Dad Hip-Hop, lo-fi punk, alternative and more ????

Artist “Track” [Album]

  1. Chappell Roan “Red Wine Supernova” [The Rise And Fall Of A Midwest Princess]
  2. The Weakerthans “The Reasons” [Reconstruction Site]
  3. Buck Meek “Paradise” [Haunted Mountain]
  4. Superviolet “Overrater” [Infinite Spring]
  5. Jamie Lenman “The Last Supper” [iknowyouknowiknow EP]
  6. Grian Chatten “Fairlies” [Chaos For The Fly]
  7. Metric “Just The Once” [Formentera II]
  8. Cheekface “Popular 2” [-]
  9. Feeble Little Horse “Freak” [Girl With Fish]
  10. The Northern Boys “Give It To Me” [-]
  11. Yr Poetry “Porthmaddog, Dog” [Yr Poetry Ruin Music]
  12. AJJ “Schadenfreude” [Disposable Everything]
  13. Kae Tempest “These Are The Days” [The Line Is A Curve]

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