Podcast 687 | Featuring Kesha, speedy ortiz and Chappell Roan

On this week’s podcast, Ben Marwood is back behind in charge of this week’s new music podcast with a few old tracks thrown in for good measure.

Artist “Track” [Album]

  1. Kesha “Eat the Acid” [Gag Order]
  2. Jeff Rosenstock “Liked U Better” [HELLMODE]
  3. Water From Your Eyes “Barley” [Everyone’s Crushed]
  4. This Is The Kit “More Change” [Careful Of Your Keepers]
  5. Killer Mike “Don’t Let The Devil (ft. El-P & thankugoodsir)” [Michael]
  6. Chappell Roan “Red Wine Supernova” [-]
  7. Locate S,1 “You Were Right About One Thing” [Wicked Jaw]
  8. Shy Boys “Trash” [Talk Loud]
  9. Snow Patrol “Whatever’s Left” [Final Straw]
  10. Serafin “Day By Day” [No Push Collide]
  11. Megan Henwood “Seventh” [River]
  12. speedy ortiz “you s02” [rabbit rabbit]

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