Podcast 672 | Featuring Heshoo Beshoo Group, Steve East & Beck

Spring is in the air and so is new music, as Tom Crook, Paul Whitty and Ben Smith return with their own beloved brand of chat – including potentially being neighbours with Boris Johnson – as well as tunes and field recordings.

Artist “Track” [Album]

  1. The Kirals “George Smiley’s 113th Dream” [Goodbye River]
  2. Boygenius “$20” [The Record]
  3. Steve East “Piano Remix” [Demo]
  4. Loyle Carner “No CD (feat. Rebel Kleff)” [Yesterday’s Gone]
  5. John Dredge & The Balcony Shirts Band “Double Agent Working Alone” [Single]
  6. Gustavo Santaolalla “The Last Of Us” [The Last Of Us Soundtrack]
  7. Paul Whitty “I Won’t Share You” [The Edit Radio The Smiths Cover Version Challenge]
  8. Beck “Thinking About You” [Single]
  9. Paul Whitty “Fulham v. Leeds” [Field Recording]
  10. Heshoo Beshoo Group “Wait And See” [Armitage Road]
  11. Jackie Oates “Time Time Time” [Gracious Wings]

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