Podcast 663 | Fever Ray, Ashnikko and The Thermals

Ben Marwood kicks off another year of hand-curated podcasting here at edit radio, with a playlist of music new, used and everything in between.

Artists “Track” [Album]

  1. Chappell roan “femininomenon” [-]
  2. ashnikko “daisy” [demidevil]
  3. CHERYM “listening to my head” [hey tori EP]
  4. dirty nil “bye bye big bear” [-]
  5. bad nerves “alright” [-]
  6. the thermals “no culture icons” [more parts per million]
  7. postal service “this place is a prison” [give up]
  8. AJJ “the baby panda” [-]
  9. jim bob “battling the bottle (fighting the flab, at war with the world)” [the essential jim bob]
  10. fever ray “carbon dioxide” [radical romantics]
  11. monsoon “don’t move” [ghost party]
  12. mountain goats “training montage (the jordan lake sessions volume 5)” [the jordan lake sessions: volume 5]

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