Podcast 651 | Featuring Connie Constance, The Beths and Steve Lacey

On her September podcast, Jenessa Williams chats TikTok viral hits, tear-jerking comebacks and sunshine soundtracks to drown out the noisiest of neighbours.

Artist “Track” Album

  1. Stormzy “Mel Made Me Do It” [Single]
  2. Nu Genea “Marechiá” [Bar Medittereaneo]
  3. Steve Lacey “Bad Habit” [Gemini Rights]
  4. The Beths “When You Know You Know” [Expert In A Dying Field]
  5. Connie Constance “Mood Hoover” [Miss Power]
  6. Chappaqua Wrestling “Wayfinding” [Single]
  7. Nia Archives “Forbidden Feelingz” [Forbidden Feelingz]
  8. Panic Shack “The Ick” [Baby Shack EP]
  9. Arctic Monkeys “There’d Better Be A Mirrorball” [The Car]
  10. The Orielles “Beam/S” [Tableau]

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