Podcast 645 | Featuring Cheekface, The Beths and Kae Tempest

On this week’s podcast, Ben Marwood returns from the secret garden at Reading University to deliver another amazing hand-curated playlist of the best music both new and used.

Artist “Track” [Album]

  1. Cheekface “(I Don’t Want To Go To) Calabasas” [Emphatically No.]
  2. Eminem “Lose Yourself” [8 Mile OST]
  3. Muna “What I Want” [Muna]
  4. Chainsaw Girl “Chainsaw Girl” [Chainsaw Girl EP]
  5. Sufjan Stevens “Fourth of July (DUMBO version)” [Fourth of July]
  6. Kae Tempest “Don’t You Ever” [The Line Is A Curve]
  7. Tom Cardy “Get Louis (Theroux)” [-]
  8. The Beths “Silence is Golden” [Expert In A Dying Field]
  9. The B-52s “rock lobster” [The B-52s]
  10. Danger Mouse & Black Thought “No Gold Teeth” [Cheat Codes]
  11. China Drum “Wuthering Heights” [Goosefair]

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