Podcast 642 | Featuring Party Dozen, Rae Morris and Superorganism

Introduced by celebrity chef Ainsley Harriott, we present another (rather delayed) edition of the [edit] radio new music podcast hosted by Tom Crook, Paul Whitty and Ben Smith.

Artist “Track” [Album]

  1. Pete Astor “English Weather” [Time On Earth]
  2. Billy Bragg “The Tiger Who Came For Tea (excerpt)’ [Live version for Paddy)
  3. (The One And Only) J Henry “Swans Song” [Single]
  4. Party Dozen “Macca The Mutt (feat. Nick Cave)” [Fruits of Labour]
  5. Superorganism “On & On” [World Wide Pop]
  6. Romere “Quiet Corners Of My Mind” [Single]
  7. Paul Whitty (feat. Tom & Ben) “Never Tear Us Apart” [Edit Radio 80’s Power Ballad Cover Version Challenge]
  8. ID “FIVE” [The Glacier National Park]
  9. Paul Whitty “Mowing The Grass At Coly FC” [Field Recording]
  10. Rae Morris “No Woman Is An Island” [Rachel@Fairyland]
  11. Andrew Bird “Faithless Ghost” [Faithless Ghost]

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