Podcast 637 | Featuring Hot Chip, Lizzo and ME REX

On this week’s podcast, Ben Marwood records his podcast from the meadow at the University of Reading as he shares his favourite tracks both new and pre-owned.

Artist “Track” [Album]

  1. fontaines dc “jackie down the line” [skinty fia]
  2. hot chip “down” [freakout/release]
  3. lizzo “about damn time” [surprise]
  4. ME REX “jupiter pluvius” [plesiosaur EP]
  5. wet leg “ur mum” [wet leg]
  6. red hot chili peppers “by the way” [by the way]
  7. everything everything “my computer” [raw data feel]
  8. charlotte adigĂ©ry & bolis pupul “thank you” [topical dancer]
  9. jimmy eat world “a praise chorus [ft. davey vanbohlen]” [bleed american]
  10. waxahatchee “lilacs” [saint cloud]

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