Podcast 634 | My Chemical Romance, Tomberlin and Mxmtoon

Fresh off the back of My Chemical Romance’s long-awaited comeback show, Jenessa Wiliams shares a range of new music that is giving her grown-up emo vibes, from confessional indie and theatrical pop right through to some good old-fashioned screamo. Eyeliner and fishnet gloves are optional.

Artist “Track” [Album]

  1. My Chemical Romance “The Foundations Of Decay” [Single]
  2. Warpaint “Champion” [Radiate Like This]
  3. mxmtoon “frown” [rising]
  4. Porridge Radio “Rotten” [Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder To The Sky]
  5. NewDad “Say It” [Banshee]
  6. Tomberlin “happy accident” [i don’t know who needs to hear this…]
  7. Cat Burns “we’re not kids anymore” [emotionally unavailable]
  8. Chloe Moriondo “nice pup” [puppy luv]
  9. The Smile “Free In The Knowledge” [A Light For Attracting Attention]
  10. Static Dress “sweet.” [rouge carpet disaster]

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