Podcast 633 | Featuring Superorganism, Drew Milloy and The Chats

Introduced by ex-Manchester United, Aston Villa and Coventry City striker (and current Homes Under the Hammer presenter) Dion Dublin, on this week’s podcast Ben, Paul and Tom return with their favourite track both new and used.

Artist “Track” [Album]

  1. Superorganism feat. Stephen Malkmaus & Dylan Cartridge – It’s Raining [World Wide Pop]
  2. The Staples Junior Singers – I Know You’re Going To Miss Me [When Do We Get Paid]
  3. The Chats – Bus Money [Get This In Ya]
  4. SW!TCH feat. Seven x GBPITS – I Can’t Help With That [Single]
  5. Low – White Horses [HEY WHAT]
  6. Dan Lyth And The Euphrates – All My Love [Benthic Lines]
  7. Drew Milloy – Take My Breath Away [Edit Radio 80s Power Ballad Cover Version Challenge]
  8. Nightports w/ Tom Herbert – Lumin [Nightports w/ Tom Herbert]
  9. The The – This Is The Day [Soul Mining]
  10. Wilco – Tired Of Taking It Out On You [Cruel Country]

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