Podcast 631 | Featuring Yaya Bey, Kelly Lee Owens and Proper.

After a Covid-enforced break, Kev lawson returns to the virtual airwaves of [edit] radio and rolls out his favourite new music from the past few weeks.

Artist “Track” [Album]

  1. Brittany Howard & Tia P. “Running With the Angels” [Single]
  2. Saba “One Way or Every Nigga With a Budget” [Few Good Things]
  3. Witsmusic, Smitty & Bruiser Wolf “MODERN DAY (feat. Bruiser Wolf)” [Eat Your Food]
  4. Oso Oso “fly on the wall” [sore thumb]
  5. Proper. “Jean” [The Great American Novel]
  6. Porridge Radio “The Rip” [Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder To the Sky]
  7. Soccer Mommy “Shotgun” [Sometimes, Forever]
  8. The Smile “Free In the Knowledge” [A Light for Attracting Attention]
  9. Kelly Lee Owens “One” [LP.8]
  10. Phoebe Bridgers “Sidelines” [Single]
  11. Sudan Archives “Home Maker” [Simgle]
  12. Yaya Bey “keisha” [Remember Your North Star]
  13. Ibeyi “Sister 2 Sister” [Spell 31]
  14. MUNA “Anything But Me” [MUNA]
  15. Day Wave “Pastlife” [Pastlife]
  16. JAMIE “Pity Party” [Single]

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