Podcast 619 | Featuring Arlo Parks, The Smile and PLOSIVES

After a little break from podcasting Kevin Lawson, our editor-in-chief, brings his own brand of excitement and curation back to the new music party ?

Artist “Track” [Album]

  1. Fontaines D.C. “Jackie Down the Line” [Skinty Fia]
  2. PLOSIVS “Broken Eyes” [Single]
  3. Hot Mulligan “Pop Shuvit (Hall of Meat, Duh) [Acoustic]” [Acoustic Vol. 1 – EP]
  4. The Weeknd “Take My Breath” [Dawn FM]
  5. Kep1er “Mvsk” [FIRST IMPACT – EP]
  6. Kojey Radical “Payback (feat. Knucks)” [Single]
  7. Dora Jar “Lagoon” [Single]
  8. Nil├╝fer Yanya “midnight sun” [PAINLESS]
  9. Kae Tempest “More Pressure (feat. Kevin Abstract)” [The Line Is A Curve]
  10. The Smile “The Smoke” [Single]
  11. Scarlet Rae “Seems Like Forever” [Single]
  12. Bully “Just For Love” [Single]
  13. SOAK “last july” [If I never know you like this again]
  14. Mitski “Love Me More” [Laurel Hell]
  15. Holly Humberstone “London Is Lonely (Edit)” [Single]
  16. Arlo Parks “Softly” [Single]

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