Podcast 608 | Featuring aespa, Tinashe and Dora Jar

On this week’s podcast our founder & editor, Kev Lawson delivers a pop-focussed playlist that maps out the present and future stars of the genre.

Artist “Track” [Album]

  1. Tinashe “Bouncin” [Single]
  2. Self Esteem “Moody” [Prioritise Pleasure]
  3. Hatchie “This Enchanted” [Single]
  4. Magdalena Bay “Domino” [Mercurial World]
  5. Yumi Zouma “Give It Hell” [Single]
  6. Dora Jar “Scab Song” [Single]
  7. flowerkid “vodka orange juice” [Single]
  8. Deb Never & Jim-E Stack “Sweet & Spice” [Where Have All the Flowers Gone?]
  9. Foxes “Sister Ray” [Single]
  10. aespa “ICONIC” [Savage – The 1st Mini Album – EP]
  11. SEVENTEEN “Rock with you” [SEVENTEEN 9th Mini Album ‘Attacca’]
  12. Shygirl “Cleo” [Single]
  13. PinkPantheress “Reason” [to hell with it]
  14. Obongjayar “Message in a Hammer” [Single]

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