Podcast 607 | Featuring L’Objectif, Adele & aespa

Fresh off the back of live At Leeds 2021, Jenessa Williams shares her favourite new discoveries from the festival as well as the return of some musical heavyweights.

Artist “Track” [Album]

  1. Eades “Reno” [Single]
  2. Willow Kayne “Two Seater” [Single]
  3. Adele “Easy On Me” [30]
  4. aespa “savage” [savage]
  5. James Blake “Coming Back featuring SZA” [Friends That Break Your Heart]
  6. SEB “god of the sunsets” [Single]
  7. Lucinda Chua “Torch Song” [Antidotes 2]
  8. L’Objectif “Drive In Mind” [Have It Your Way]
  9. Salmon Cat “Frankie Intoleratoriano” [Supertext]
  10. King Krule “Baby Blue Live” [You Heat Me Up, You Cool Me Down]

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