Podcast 606 | Featuring Hand Habits, Bit Cloudy and Claire Rousay

Introduced by a world-famous six-time world champion, on this week’s podcast Tom Crook, Paul Whitty and Ben Smith deliver another incredible mix of new music and chat.

Artist “Track” [Album]

  1. Night Flight “Dreaming” [Songs From Echo Zoo]
  2. Hand Habits “Aquamarine” [Fun House]
  3. Fred Neil “Little Bit of Rain” [Bleeker and McDougal]
  4. Danny George Wilson “Can You Feel Me?” [Another Place]
  5. Bit Cloudy “Volume Or Gravity” [Energy Giant]
  6. Paul Whitty “Name of the Game” [Edit Radio ABBA Cover Version Challenge]
  7. Cosmo Sheldrake & Mr Jukes “Wriggle” (Mr Jukes Edit) [Single]
  8. RW Hedges “Ice In August” [Year After Year]
  9. Nicholas Britell “Succession (Main Title Theme)” [Succession Season 1 (HBO Original Series Soundtrack)]
  10. Claire Rousay “Discrete (The Market)” [A Softer Focus]

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