Podcast 592 | Featuring Pom Pom Squad, CHAI and Remember Sports

This week on [edit] radio, Ben Marwood talks football, about a dreamed impression of a pop star and about becoming a homeowner as he shares his favourite new music track that he’s hand-picked for your enjoyment.

Artist “Track” [Album]

  1. black midi “John L” [cavalcade]
  2. CHAI “Ping Pong! (ft. YMCK)” [Wink]
  3. Julia Jacklin and RVG “Army of Me” [Single]
  4. Pom Pom Squad “Head Cheerleader” [Death of a Cheerleader]
  5. Saves the Day “At Your Funeral” [Stay What You Are]
  6. Frank Turner “The Gathering” [Single]
  7. Remember Sports “Sentimentality” [Like a Stone]
  8. Tom Cardy “The Big Breakfast” [-]
  9. Czarface and MF DOOM “Czarwyn’s Theory of People Getting Loose” [Super What?]
  10. Black Country, New Road “Sunglasses (original single version)” [Single]

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