Podcast 565 | Featuring Genesis Owusu, ENNY and Glaive

On our first podcast of 2021, Kev Lawson selects more than an hour of the best new tracks from the end of 2020 and 2021, explains the new Hyperpop genre and reveals a new Ed Sheeran/Lorde hybrid pop star!

Artist “Track” [Album]

  1. Pom Poko “Like a Lady” [Cheater]
  2. ENNY & Amia Brave “Peng Black Girls” [Single]
  3. Denise Chaila “Anseo” [GO Bravely]
  4. Aaron Frazer “If I Got It (Your Love Brought It)” [Introducing…]
  5. Janet Kay “Silly Games” [Single]
  6. Genesis Owusu “Whip Cracker” [Smiling with No Teeth]
  7. Ivorian Doll “Clout” [Single]
  8. Holly Humberstone “Falling Asleep at the Wheel” [Falling Asleep at the Wheel – EP]
  9. Madison Beer “BOYSHIT” [Single]
  10. Claud “Soft Spot” [Super Monster]
  11. Lowertown “Best Person You Know” [Honeycomb, Bedbug – EP]
  12. Beach Bunny “Good Girls (Don’t Get Used)” [Blame Game – EP]
  13. Glaive “dnd” [cypress grove]
  14. King Princess “Only Time Makes It Human” [Single]
  15. Miss World & Sofie “Melody (feat. Peanut Butter Wolf)” [Single]
  16. Viagra Boys “Creatures” [Welfare Jazz]
  17. shame “Snow Day” [Drunk Tank Pink]
  18. Madvillain “Rhinestone Cowboy” [Madvillainy]

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