Podcast 560 | Featuring Squid, Barbara Gold and Teenage Fanclub

On this week’s podcast, Tom, Paul and Ben take to Zoom to deliver a lockdown friendly podcast of the best music, new and used, that they could find.

Artist “Track” [Album]

  1. Teenage Fanclub “Home” [Endless Arcade]
  2. Badly Drawn Boy “I Need Someone To Trust” [Banana Skin Shoes]
  3. Squid “Houseplants” [Single]
  4. Bill Callahan “Pigeons” [Gold Record]
  5. Blind Willie Johnson “Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground” [Dark Was The Night: 1927 “1930 Dallas, Atlanta & New Orleans Recordings]
  6. Ben Smith “Dancing In The Dark” [The Edit Radio Bruce Springsteen Cover Version Challenge]
  7. Barbara Gold “My Skin” [Single]
  8. Paul Whitty “Appleford Recreation Ground” [Field Recording]
  9. Arcade Fire “Neighbourhood #1 (Tunnels)” [Funeral]
  10. Aiden O’Rourke & Kit Downes “I Met Him Only Once” [365: volume 2]
  11. Jeff Tweedy “Guess Again” [Love Is The King]

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