Podcast 534: Featuring The Strokes, Office for Personal Development and Sondre Lerche

On this week’s podcast Tom, Paul and Ben are joined via Zoom by BBC Presenter Matt Allwright (Watchdog & Rogue Traders) to deliver another lockdown podcast of alternative both new and used.

Artist “Track” [Album]

  1. Sondre Lerche “Why Would I Let You Go” [Patience]
  2. Andrew Bird “Beyond the Valley of the Three White Horses” [Hands of Glory]
  3. LCD Soundsystem “All My Friends” [Bands of Silver]
  4. Matt Allwright “Brilliant Disguise” [Edit Radio Bruce Springsteen Cover Version Challenge]
  5. Daniel Romano’s Outfit “Sweetheart Like You” [(What Could Have Been) Infedels by Bob Dylan & The Plugz]
  6. Trevor Moss & Hannah Lou “Up Mercatoria” [Expatriot]
  7. Office for Personal Development “Everything Is Going To Be Okay” [single]
  8. Anna Meredith “Nautilus” [Varmints]
  9. Inwards “Welcome To The Gang” [Bright Serpent]
  10. Paul Whitty “The Lockway” [Field Recording]
  11. The Strokes “The Adults Are Talking” [The New Abnormal]

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