Podcast 527: Featuring Worriedaboutsatan, Girlpool and SHALT

Our first guest podcast of 2020! On this week’s episode, Bradford-based Joe Emmett – host of BCB 106.6fm’s Basement Scene – delivers a magnificent hand-picked playlist of new music from across the world.

You can catch Joe and Basement Scene live Wednesday nights 8-9 pm on BCB 106.6fm or catch-up via Mixcloud.

Artist “Track” [Album]

  1. Girlpool “Like I’m Winning It” [Single]
  2. Bonniesongs “123 + Reprise” [Energetic Mind: Live]
  3. Charmpit “Wild Wild Westfield [Cause a Stir]
  4. BLOM “Be Kind” [Flower Violence]
  5. Worriedaboutsatan “Secretly” [Crystaline]
  6. Frankie valet “Nakid” [Waterfowl]
  7. Strawberry Generation “I Know It’s Hard But It Must Be Done” [Afloat]
  8. SHALT “Ochre” [Ochre Flood]
  9. Lucy Gooch “There Is a Space Inbetween] [Rushing]
  10. The Tubs “I Don’t Know How It Works” [Single]
  11. Peel Dream Magazine “Pill” [Agitprop Alterna]
  12. European Sun “The Future’s Female” [Single]
  13. Scottondrive “Fasca” [Single]
  14. Lucy Leave “Thumbs” [Everyone Is Doing So Well]
  15. Happy Spendy “Feelings 2” [Single]

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