Podcast 514: A Christmas Special

For one last time 2019, Tom Crook, Ben Smith and Paul Whitty try to keep their spirits up after an atrocious election result with some festive cheer and the hope of another decade of amazing new music here on [edit] radio.

Artist “Track” [Album]

  1. The Ronettes “Sleigh Ride” [A Christmas Gift For You From Phil Spector]
  2. Jarvis Cocker “Running The World” [Single]
  3. The People Verses “Like I’m Lonely/Driftwood” [Grand Opening]
  4. RW Hedges “Amber Room” [Single]
  5. The Staves “Home Alone Too” [Single]
  6. Saint Saviour (feat. Badly Drawn Boy) “The Place I Want To Be” [Single]
  7. Paul, Ben & Tom “The Disappointed” [Edit Radio XTC Cover Version Challenge]
  8. The Dukes of Stratosphere “You’re My Drug” [The Dukes of Stratosphere: Chips From The Chocolate Fireball]
  9. John Boden “Hounds of Love” [Rose In June]
  10. Sufjan Stevens “Sister Winter” [Songs For Christmas]

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