Podcast 509: Featuring Guttermouth, Richard Dawson and Darren Hayman

On this week’s podcast host, Ben Marwood delivers another heavy dose of new music to kick your ass harder than the wet and windy Autumn weather.

Artist “Track” [Album]

  1. Richard Dawson “Jogging” [2020]
  2. The Dismemberment Plan “You Are Invited” [Emergency & I]
  3. Lizzo “Good As Hell (ft. Ariana Grande)” [-]
  4. DZ Deathrays “Snakes” [Positive Rising: Part 1]
  5. Guttermouth “Don Camero Lost His Mind” [Short Music For Short People]
  6. Code Orange “Let Me In” [-]
  7. System of a Down “She’s Like Heroin” [Hypnotize]
  8. (Sandy) Alex G “Gretel” [House of Sugar]
  9. Darren Hayman “Teigh” [Thankful Villages 3]
  10. Big Thief “Not” [Two Hands]

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