Podcast 483: Featuring Dinosaur Pile-Up, Fontaines D.C. and Happy Accidents

On this week’s podcast, folk-punk legend Ben Marwood delivers the rock goods and earns hipster-music coolness points, as part of his overly excitable, hand-curated new music playlist.

Artist “Track” [Album Title]

  1. Dinosaur Pile-Up “Thrash Metal Cassette” [Celebrity Mansions]
  2. Marmozets “Habits” [Knowing What You Know Now]
  3. The Mountain Goats “Cadaver Sniffing Dog” [In League With Dragons]
  4. Fontaines D.C. “Liberty Belle” [Dogrel]
  5. The St. Pierre Snake Invasion “Casanovacaine” [Caprice Enchanté]
  6. The National “Light Years” [I Am Easy To Find]
  7. Mal Blum “Things Still Left To Say” [Pity Boy]
  8. Happy Accidents “Act Naturally” [Everything But The Here and Now]
  9. Fountains of Wayne “Denise” [Utopia Parkway]
  10. Brutus “Cemetery” [Nest]
  11. Amanda Palmer “Drowning In The Sound” [There Will Be No Intermission]

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