Podcast 481: Clue Records takeover

On this week’s show, Scott Lewis, the head-honcho at Leeds-based Clue Records hand curates an incredible playlist of new tunes ready to worship.

Artist “Track” [Album Title]

  1. Uranium Club “Grease Monkey” [The Cosmo Cleaners]
  2. LOCALS “Talkboy” [Talkboy]
  3. Just Mustard “Frank” [Frank]
  4. Mannequin Pussy “Drunk II” [Patience]
  5. Nilifur Yanya “Baby Blu” [Miss Universe]
  6. Show Me The Body “Madonna Rocket” [Dog Whistle]
  7. Patio “Boy Scout” [Essentials]
  8. Little Simz “Boss” [GREY Area]
  9. Uniform “Habit” [Wake In Fright]
  10. Crumb “Part III” [Nina]
  11. Sleaford Mods “Big Burt” [Eton Alive]
  12. Steve Lacy “N Side” [N Side]
  13. PLAZA “Hold” [Hold]

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