Edit Recommends: Ravyn Lenae – Sticky

I’d stick around when things are falling down

As song titles go, there are few as apt as ‘Sticky’. Succinctly describing the track’s figurative and metaphorical message, it stands as a testament to the artistic focus of Ravyn Lanae. Featuring production by the talented Steve Lacy – the man behind the best of Kendrick Lamar’s discography – the track by rising RnB star from Chicago sounds nothing short of alcoholic. A dizzying cocktail of god-fearing keys, funky basslines and shimmering drums, that fizzes upon contact with Lenae’s sherbet sweet voice. In just a few gulps you’re drunk, swaying with every high-pitched whoop, spinning with each breathy whisper before stumbling into an utterly addictive and mesmeric state of bliss.

Words by Edit_Kev.