Podcast 456: Featuring Greentea Peng, Fishing In Japan and MonoNeon

On this week’s podcast, Jenessa Williams guides you through the best in new pop, hip-hop and neo-soul via chat about unimaginative album titles, pop snobbery and being old enough for the X Factor ‘Over’s category and of course, some hefty use of the word ‘like’.

Artist “Track” [Album]

  1. Little Mix “Woman Like Me feat. Nicki Minaj” [LM5]
  2. Sigrid “Sucker Punch” [Single]
  3. Charli XCX “1999 feat Troye Sivan” [Single]
  4. Shawn Mendes “Lost In Japan” [Shawn Mendes]
  5. Fishing In Japan “Salieri” [Single]
  6. Biig Piig “Perdida” [Big Fan of The Sesh, Vol. 1]
  7. Greentea Peng “Loving Kind” [Single]
  8. Easy Life “Nightmares” [Single]
  9. MonoNeon “Hot Cheetos” [Single]
  10. Brockhampton “HONEY” [iridescence]

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