Podcast 446: Featuring Jenn Champion, Interpol and Dirty Projectors

On this week’s podcast UK folk-punk stalwart, Ben Marwood, is in charge of another playlist of the best alternative music both new and used!

Artist “Track” [Album]

  1. LOOΠΔ/yyxy “love4eva (ft. Grimes)” [beauty&thebeat EP]
  2. Interpol “The Rover” [Marauder]
  3. Trust Fund “Carson McCullers” [Bringing The Backline]
  4. Hop Along “Somewhere A Judge” [Bark Your Head Off, Dog]
  5. Jenn Champion “O.M.G. (I’m All Over It)” [Single Rider]
  6. Snow Patrol “Starfighter Pilot” [Songs For Polar Bears]
  7. The Dirty Nil “Bathed In Light” [Master Volume]
  8. Professor Elemental “You Remind Me Of A Car (Hustle Redux)” [Nervous EP]
  9. Dirty Projectors “Break-Thru” [Lamp Lit Prose]
  10. Manchester Orchestra “The Silence” [A Black Mile To The Surface]

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