Podcast 442: Idles, Mogwai and Richard James

On this week’s podcast Tom and Ben talk about their perfomance at Latitude Festival, why they had to re-record this week’s podcast and deliver an amazing selection of new music too!

Artist “Track” [Album]

  1. Boss Caine “Star Crossed Lovers” [Loved By Trouble, Troubled By Love]
  2. Johnny Flynn “Detectorists” [Single]
  3. The Breeders “Nervous Mary” [All Nerve]
  4. Mogwai “Party In The Dark” [Every Country’s Sun]
  5. Two Man Travelling Medicine Show “Float Your Boat” [Single]
  6. Superorgasnism “Something For Your M.I.N.D.” [Superorganism]
  7. Idles “Danny Nedelko” [Joy As An Act Of Resistance]
  8. Tom Crook “Twisting By The Pool” [Edit Radio Dire Straits Cover Version Challenge]
  9. Richard James “My Heart Is On Fire” [The Seven Sleepers Den]
  10. Egopusher “Flake (Jim Jules remix)” [Watergate 24]

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